Selling My House for Cash in Beverly

Should you take a cash offer for your Beverly house?

Not always.

Read on and I’ll tell you how to sell any property for cash, some reasons to refuse a cash offer – and when you shouldn’t say no.

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Selling My House for Cash in Beverly

If you’re selling a property in Beverly to an end buyer (the person living in the home), chances are pretty good it won’t be bought with cash.

Most transactions close using a bank loan because buyers don’t have the funds to purchase a home outright.

This isn’t news.

Even most investors don’t close transactions with cash.   And why would they?  It’s easy to let a bank share the risk and allows them to keep cash for other purchases.  However, many investors spread themselves too thin, and when the market takes an unexpected turn (ahem, 2008) they are in trouble.

At We Buy Houses in Massachusetts we don’t spread ourselves too thin, because we’re conservative and fiscally responsible, and also because we need and want to have the cash available to always help homeowners in neighborhoods in and around Beverly.

In most cases, we’ll pay cash for your Beverly MA property.

The Benefits Of An All Cash Sale Of Your House

The benefits of a cash sale are fairly extensive:

  • Get your money fast
  • Get money when you need it most


You don’t have to deal with the hassles of waiting months for a buyer, and then waiting for that buyer to get financing.  Then God forbid the lender eliminates the loan program, the inspection finds a problem, or interest rates rise and the buyer has to back out – then you’re back to square one.

You don’t have to list your house with a real estate agent and pay a hefty commission.

You don’t have to deal with a lot of people just “kicking the tires” and just checking out your property for kicks.  We are honest, thorough, and fast.  No wasting your time, no need to show your house over and over to slightly interested families.  When we get information about your home, we evaluate it and quickly let you know if it is worth moving forward in the process.

You don’t need to paint, make repairs, or even clean up. We buy properties just as they are.  In fact, that’s how we prefer them!  We figure, why spend time working on something that your end buyer may end up just doing over?  No wasting money on junk haulers or contractors here.

You don’t need to deal with any paperwork!  We have it all covered – and that’s why we say this easy and hassle-free for you.  It goes without saying that we need you to sign the sale agreement of course!

Working With A Local Beverly House Buyer / Investor

We pride ourselves in having been a part of the greater Beverly community for our entire lives.  Now with We Buy Houses in Massachusetts, we are offering a service for those around us who genuinely need help with their situation, and we are improving communities while we do it.  If you’re a Beverly MA homeowner who wants to be a part of this, then get in contact and let us help you sell your Beverly house fast.  With us, you can do it quickly, at a price fair to you, and help improve the beauty of our Northshore neighborhoods one house at a time.

If you’re wondering about selling your house for cash in Beverly or just need to sell a property somewhere in Essex County, we can help you.

We buy properties in any condition from people who need to sell fast.

Give us a call anytime at 978-712-8250 or
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We Buy Houses - Selling my house for cash in Beverly
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