Who can buy my house with cash in Gloucester MA?

who will buy my house in Gloucester Massachusetts
You have 3 main options if you need to sell your house in Gloucester MA

Even in a good economy, life still happens and many people need to sell their houses fast.  If you are facing a foreclosure, then chances are you’re grappling with the question, “who can buy my house with cash in Massachusetts?”  Well, fret not! There are several options that you can explore when putting your house up for fast sale.

Following you will see the three most common options worth considering; however, if you need to sell your house fast for cash (like in one week fast), then be sure to call We Buy Houses in Massachusetts first at 978-712-8250 or via the contact form on our site. We have access to cash, and are able to buy houses anywhere in Gloucester or elsewhere in MA.

#1 Sell your house fast for cash to a local Investor

If you want to find a quick buyer, a local Massachusetts house buying company such as ours is one option for you. We buy houses in Gloucester and surrounding areas in Mass when sellers need to sell fast.  If you’re looking to get the full market retail value on your home… and you have time to wait for it to sell (3-6 months) it probably makes the most sense to go with option number two.  But if you need to sell your house pronto and understand that you won’t be able to get full retail value for it (though retail isn’t always best)… we’d like to make you a fast-fair offer on your house today... or call us directly at 978-712-8250. 

#2 Sell your house fast for cash with a Real Estate Agent

If you’re not trying to avoid a looming foreclosure, then you probably have a bit more time and can wait for the right retail buyer to come along.  This will allow you to pay the 3-6% in real estate agent commissions on the sale, plus other costs… it’s even possible you’ll get more than asking in this current market!  If this works for you, then listing your house with a Gloucester real estate agent is a great option.

A real estate agent is also one option for getting your property across to cash house buyers… It is possible to sell your house quickly for cash through a real estate agent.

However, this begins by finding the right agent. Start by asking at least five local Gloucester agents to assess your home and show you some comparable houses that they have recently sold for cash. The agent you settle for should list your house in as many property websites as possible in order to broaden the market reach and of course, put it on the Eastern Massachusetts MLS (multiple listing service).

It is not important that they advertise your home in the local publications, like newspapers.  Honestly, money spent on paper ads is FAR better spent on online marketing (this is another thing to consider when picking your agent – how forward thinking and tech savvy are they?)

Here’s another tip if you’re really hoping to sell fast – to help speed up the process, consider offering the agent an incentive if they manage to sell the house within a specified time frame. With this option you will of course pay the real estate agent commissions… so be prepared to figure that into your overall costs.

#3 Sell your house fast for cash with a FSBO Listing

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2017 90% of all property searches included online searches.  Thus, if you have time to wait longer to get your house sold (and the time to show potential buyers your house as they come calling) selling your house “For Sale By Owner” in Gloucester and marketing it yourself online may be a good fit.  If you do it right, you may get a lot of exposure to potential buyers through the web.

There are many web-based real estate agents that you can approach to list your home on their websites and some agents will let you purchase a listing on the MLS for $300-$500+.  Additionally, you can list your house on websites like Craigslist as well as online property directories in your area (Zillow, Trulia as well). To attract potential buyers, be sure to accompany your listing with clear photos and honest descriptions of your home.

You’ll also want to have access to information from your local MA property assessor to answer technical questions from any potential buyers.

So, who can buy my house with cash in Gloucester?

If you are grappling with this question, you need to realize that it is very possible to sell a Massachusetts house fast for cash.   The important thing you need to decide right now is how fast you need to sell your Gloucester house.  So, first evaluate your situation (we can help with that too).  If you have several months and can pay the real estate agent and closing fees… list your house with an agent and specify that you’re looking to sell for cash.

But if you don’t have enough room in the house sale to pay an agents commissions… or you can’t wait the time it may take to sell your house at full retail… chatting with a reputable local real estate buyer like Sell My House in Massachusetts may be a great option to explore.  All you have to do is know your options when it comes to selling property for cash.  Click here to learn more house for cash selling tips.  Better still, fill out the web form below for a fast and fair all-cash offer for your house.

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