Take a Peek Behind the Keyboard…

Hey there!  I’m Blake.

I’m the founder/owner of We Buy Houses in Massachusetts.  I help homeowners who find that selling their home in a “traditional” manner either doesn’t work, or isn’t the best option for their situation.  Many property owners are not aware that there can be faster or more creative options for selling their homes – so it’s great that you’ve found your way here!

How did I get here though?  Both of my parents have invested in real estate, and when I started looking into it towards the end of college I quickly developed a passion for the business.  That passion has turned into what you see here.  I created We Buy Houses in Massachusetts to provide real estate solutions for property owners across Essex County and across the State who would be benefited by the flexibility of selling their home to a professional home buyer.

My partner investors and I buy properties to either fix and flip (think HGTV, except the real world doesn’t always have storybook endings!), or to fix and own as a rental.  Wherever your home is located in Massachusetts (or even in neighboring states!), I would love to chat about how We Buy Houses in Massachusetts could help provide solutions for you and your property.

I am honest and easy to work with – seriously taking your needs into the deal and making sure that if we agree on anything, it is right for you.  I am upfront and inform you of everything you need to know – for example I’ll tell you things like this tidbit that other home buyers consistently fail to tell their clients.

Full disclosure: I do not buy every property that I put under contract – however much I may want to 🙂  Some houses simply come at the wrong time or are not perfectly suited to our business.  In these cases, I would work with another individual or company in the area to take over the contract.  They would follow the contract and close fast and with cash, same as if I were buying.  In these cases, We Buy Houses in Massachusetts simply acts as a middleman to help assess your needs and match you with a fast cash buyer.  If you feel qualified seeking out investors who will buy your house on your own, then you should do that.  These nuances are the kinds of things we can discuss if you get in contact.

I give you this info because I hope it can help give a little better idea of who you’re working with, and what you can expect from me.  If you’re thinking that you need some help with your property or house situation, give me a shout to see how I could help.

A little more about me…

I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my family, and have lived here my whole life – bouncing between Gloucester, Wenham, and Beverly.  I am a graduate of Gordon College and a proud Christian.  When I’m not voraciously devouring real estate related reading, spending time with friends and family, or fixing my van, I love to be doing all manner of outdoor activities.  I’m an avid surfer, and love climbing, mountain biking, whitewater, hiking, and pretty much everything else!

I started in the real estate field because I think it’s awesome, but I am also very concerned with open space preservation in my local Essex County, and beyond.  My dream is to use the profits from this business and other real estate ventures to make a difference by permanently preserving acreage in Essex County, MA.  Helping support my church, my family, and preserving land are my main drivers in pursuing success in this field!

Still Not Convinced.

I’ve Gotten Letters From Other Home Buyers – Why Should I Work With You?  Hey, this is a great question and valid concern.  If you need to sell your house, searching on Google you can certainly find other companies buying houses in Massachusetts.  However, you may notice that these other companies are a little different.  Here’s a couple reasons why…

Not Massachusetts-Based.

There are national homebuying businesses that make websites catering to every state and county in the country.  If you call them, you’ll be talking to someone out of state, or perhaps out of the country – this means they won’t know this area like I do, and they won’t be the one meeting you at your house and giving you an offer.

Large and Impersonal

Other “Sell Fast for Cash” type businesses have call centers and are pumping thousands and thousands of dollars into their marketing machines every month.  Each seller is just another seller to them.

I can promise that working with me you will not just be “another customer”.  I take time to know the story and needs of every owner I work with, and give them very personalized attention throughout the home selling process.  I expect everyone who sells their house to us to have a five-star experience.  One that is so good that you can’t help but tell others!

Ok, So How Does This Work?

If you are interested in working with me, or learning more about how selling in this manner could benefit you, then please get in contact anytime!

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